Virtual Sunday School: June 7, 2020

I prefer to think of it as “sacred spacing!” The space we put between ourselves helps to keep everyone — particularly the weakest among us — safe and healthy. And that, my friends, is a sacred goal!

Hi, Friends! I hope everyone is doing well and that your summer is off to a great start! I’m very excited to welcome several special guests to this edition of Virtual Sunday School! Stay tuned to meet them. 

Today, I’m going to take a break from talking about a specific scripture story. Instead, I want to spend some time talking about “social distancing” and how it connects to our faith. 

Several weeks ago I noted that you are smart and perceptive. Kids know what’s going on, even when the grown-ups pretend like they don’t. Friends, because you are so smart, I’m going to speak with you honestly. There’s a lot of anxiety surrounding the topic of social distancing lately. You may have heard about it on the news. Or you may have heard the grown-ups in your life talking about it. I don’t know about you, but I have lots of questions about it! 

My first question is: What is social distancing? 

When we practice social distancing, it means that when we interact with people outside our family, we keep our body at least six feet away from them. Now, how on earth do you figure out how far six feet is without using a tape measure? Chances are good it’s farther than you (or even your parents) might think! 

If you like dogs, you might use this chart. If you were to line up two great danes or four beagles, nose to tail to nose, that would be at least six feet. Or, you might visualize another big dog like Father Mike’s poodle, Deacon! Line two Deacon-sized dogs up and you have six feet. 

My next question is: Why social distancing? As you know, many people in our country and even in the Greenville community have become sick due to the coronavirus. Some of them became so sick they needed to go to the hospital. Doctors who study sicknesses like the coronavirus tell us that, until a vaccine is available, the best way to stop coronavirus’ spread is to practice social distancing. While doing so keeps us from becoming sick, it does something even more important: it prevents us from giving the sickness to other people. In particular, it keeps people vulnerable to becoming seriously ill from becoming sick in the first place! Because social distancing is so important to keeping our loved ones safe and healthy, I prefer to think of it as “sacred spacing!” The space we put between ourselves helps to keep everyone — particularly the weakest among us — safe and healthy. And that, my friends, is a sacred goal! I believe that not only is sacred spacing the best way to love our neighbors during this time — it is what Jesus is calling us to do!

So, for the health and safety of everyone in our community, please practice social distancing/sacred spacing when interacting with non-family members as much as possible. If you’re looking for something fun to do while you practice sacred spacing, there are activities you can print off my blog. Just check the list in the caption below. (Please let me know if your family doesn’t have a printer. I’m happy to mail copies to you!) A new post every week comes with new activities. Simply follow the link in the caption!   

I now invite you to wonder about loving our neighbors with our special guests Drew and his fine feline helper, Mr. Williams. 

Hey, everybody. I’m Drew. This is my buddy Mr. Williams here. He’s a cat rescue that we got a couple months ago. And I’m working with Reverend Erin about the wondering questions this week. And it’s about social distancing and safe distancing. And the wondering questions this week…

  • I wonder…what you find most challenging about the practice of sacred spacing?
  • I wonder…how you are staying safe and keeping your loved ones safe during this time? 
  • I wonder…how is Jesus calling you to love today?

I think these are very important questions to think about, especially this day and time. Thank you for listening and participating. And I think Mr. Williams is, in his own way, enjoying being a part of this, too. Thank you so much.