Worship with us: Services at Holy Cross

8 a.m. Rite 1: This service uses the Rite 1 service of Holy Eucharist (Communion) from The Book of Common Prayer. The language reflects the older Elizabethan form, and we do not have music. It is a quiet, reflective service.

9 a.m. Rite 2: This is the traditional Episcopal Communion service that you are likely to encounter in most Episcopal churches today. We include traditional hymnody and chant the psalm for the day. The service is projected on screens so that it is easy to follow.

Holy-Cross-Band-411:15 a.m. Contemporary Service: This is a Eucharistic service out of a recent Episcopal liturgical resource called “Enriching Our Worship.” The language is more inclusive, and the music is current praise and worship music with a praise band.

1:30 p.m. Rite 2 Spanish Service: Celebrated by our Spanish-speaking priest associate, Father Alfredo González, this is a traditional Rite 2 service in Spanish. Music is a contemporary mix of Spanish praise music.

Weddings: Weddings at Holy Cross are done for members and scheduled with the rector or associate rector. Weddings are not celebrated during the season of Lent (40 days before Easter). All wedding services are from The Book of Common Prayer. Weddings require pre-marital counseling and may require a bishop’s judgment if one or both people have been married before. Thus, weddings must be planned at least 60 days before the event. Also, Episcopal clergy are never required to perform a marriage.

Blessing of same-sex unions: In 2012 our national church passed a resolution that allowed the blessing of same-sex unions at the discretion of the local bishop. The Diocese of Upper South Carolina created a process by which churches could discern if they wished to bless same-sex unions. Holy Cross participated in this process during Lent 2015 and concluded that we wished to move forward with blessing same-sex unions. We received permission from the bishop in May of 2015. The national church then passed a resolution which provided rites for same-sex marriage in July of 2015, about the same time the Supreme Court decision was announced. Thus, Holy Cross is now approved to perform same-sex marriages provided the couple meets all of the requirements listed above.

Funerals: Funerals are performed for members of Holy Cross at the family’s request and convenience. Funerals can include Holy Eucharist, but it is not a requirement. The rector or associate rector can help the family plan a funeral and assist with information on options for funeral homes, cremation versus direct burial, and follow-up grief care after the loss of a family member.

Other services
7 p.m. Rite 2: This is the traditional Episcopal Communion service. The service ends with the laying on of hands and healing prayers.

7:15 a.m. Rite 2: This is the traditional Episcopal Communion service.